Visiting Teaching Interviews

We recently held our annual Visiting Teaching Orals/interviews. Here are a list of items
that we either had or wished we had for the meetings:

Presidency Members Need:

  • Pen
  • Watch
  • Schedule of appointments
  • Tissue
  • Table, chairs (set up like an interview)
  • Interview questions (see ours below -- you can photocopy your questions, or take notes on blank paper)
  • Most current list of VT assignments


  • Signs directing sisters to the classrooms where interviews are being held
  • Water bottle (our mouths got dry after all that talking!!!)
  • Mints or treats
  • Inspirational handouts on VTing
  • A copy of the VT Guidebook for each sister
  • Small statue of the Savior for each table
  • Table cloth
  • Soft chairs (behinds get numb on those hard folding chairs!)

Visiting Teacher Interview Questions:

Here is a list of questions that one RS presidency used:

  1. Name
  2. VT Partner
  3. Sisters they visit
  4. How is your family?
  5. How long have you and your partner been together?
  6. Do you and your partner go visiting teaching together?
  7. How often do you go by yourself?
  8. Do you and your partner pray before you go out?
  9. Do you and your partner take turns presenting the visit teaching message?
  10. Do you try to prepare the message according to each sister's needs?
  11. Do you and your partner take turns setting up appointments?
  12. Tell me briefly about each sister you visit. What are their talents?
  13. Do your sisters have any talents that might be shared during Enrichment Activities?
  14. How long have you been visiting each of these sisters?
  15. What time is better for you to go Visiting Teaching?
  16. What time is better for you to be visited?
  17. Do your visiting teachers visit you?
  18. How often do your visiting teachers visit you?
  19. Do you receive the Ensign?
  20. Is there any thing else you'd like to tell, ask, or discuss with me?

Some other questions you might consider are

  • Are there any successful experiences you've had visit teaching that you'd be willing to share with me?
  • Are there any sisters that you aren't visiting that you feel you could serve as a visiting teacher? (Explain that the RS President can't always work assignments that match our requests, but that if there's someone you feel you can help we'd like to know about it.)
  • How can we as a presidency more fully support you in your work as a visiting teacher?
  • Do you need more information on the sisters you visit?

These questions are provided for your reference. Please use the Spirit and handbook to help you select questions for your interviews. Some bishop or branch presidents may prefer that you use a formal list of questions, others prefer that you keep it informal. Consult with your bishop/branch president and Relief Society president to determine the best way to suit the needs of your sisters.

Sample Visiting Teaching Interview has posted a short video of Sister Parkin performing a Visiting Teaching Interview.
You can download the
movie here
. Click on the little TV in the upper right corner of the screen and choose your download speed.

These are the steps Sister Parkin used in her interview:

  • Welcome sister
  • Thank her for her service and time
  • Ask sister how she/her family is doing
  • Asked sister about those she visits
  • Told sister how she'd follow up on concerns noted

The next video shows how Sister Parkin counsels a Visiting Teacher with a difficult sister.

It didn't show it clearly, but Sister Parkin seemed to take notes on the conversation so that she could follow up.



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