Seminary Kung Fu Theater

I learned this method at a Seminary regional training. It’s a great method that requires little or no preparation. This works best with passages that include plenty of action.

Assign one student to be the narrator. The Narrator will read a passage of scripture with FEELING. He or she should do the voices and any sound effects needed for the roles. Other students are assigned to be the actors in the Kung Fu movie. These actors will dramatize and lip sync their roles, but they don’t speak. The effect looks like bad dubbing in a kung fu movie. This is an easy way to engage students in the scriptures. Even those not acting or narrating are engaged because it’s just so funny!

Great for: Reviewing a scripture story, Getting the attention of uninterested students

Class size: Any class size

Helps Students: SEE a gospel principle in action

Prep Time: No advance preparation necessary

Student Age: Any age

Equipment needed: 

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