Pre-assigned Questions

By Robyn Childers
Robyn Childers:
Tried something today that worked well: My class isn’t shy but they don’t jump out of their seat when I ask a question of them. Today I wrote down the search questions from the manual onto individual 3×4 notecards and handed them out. When the question came up in the lesson…Mary would answer the question. No waiting to call on someone, no deer in the headlights, no hesitation. It was good.
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Susan Kendrick: Follow (43 minutes ago)

Christy Elliott Vogel: Thanks! I will definitely try that. Here is another idea NY coordinator suggested: write the series of questions on the board (search through apply and testify) and ask them to answer one of them in their journals, then share. Those who are more intimidated will pick less personal questions, but at least they will share something. (27 minutes ago) 1

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