Kids Teach Mini Lessons

By Becky Mike Edwards
Becky Mike Edwards:
#Teachingmethod Last night during my prayer a teaching idea came to my mind that had never used before. Today I posted a sign “pick a lesson” along with five topics. I let the kids know that THEY would be teaching five mini lessons today. One at a time, several students picked a topic and then led the discussion on that topic. I let each one have the power point clicker for their turn. They led the class in reading a scripture, a quote, an activity, asking questions, whatever was on their section of the power point. I asked each one to close with a testimony of their topic. I ended up teaching the last topic quickly. It went really well!! I plan on using this format again. Heavenly Father is brilliant. I love it when ideas come straight from heaven. This format would work for lots of lessons, but today I was teaching #DandC64.
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Mark Congdon: That is so crazy. I just decided like 20 mins ago that I am going to do the same thing. I hadn’t seen your post until now though. That is so funny. I guess I better report on how it went… (1 hour ago)

Becky Mike Edwards: Mark Congdon, Really? That is so cool! Please let us know how it goes! Which section are you teaching? (1 hour ago)

Mark Congdon: I am finishing up a few topics from section 58 and then 59 too. I realized I had about 5 separate topics to hit and thought they could go in almost any order. Our Bishop actually did a choose-your-topic lesson for a 5th Sunday lesson a few months ago. It was a hit, so we’ll give it a whirl! (58 minutes ago) 1

Mark Congdon: Ps: I thought I would share that I served in the France Paris mission. The mission changed though while I was there and I became part if the France Bordeaux mission. Fantastic place. (52 minutes ago)

Becky Mike Edwards: Mark, Really? How did you know my son just arrived there? Did you see it plastered all over my Facebook page? Haha! He is my first missionary and I’m hopelessly sentimental. :) When were you there? He just got his first assignment and he’s in Belgium, just south of Brussels. It’s called Charleroise. (40 minutes ago)

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