Integrating Scripture Mastery Passages Into Your Lesson

Throughout the Seminary year — but especially as you approach the end of the year — you may wish to look for ways to introduce (for younger students) or reinforce (for graduating seniors) all 100 Seminary Scripture Mastery (SM) scriptures.

Here are a few possible ideas to help you do so:

  • Give students a list of all 100 SM scriptures for them to glue into their scriptures.
  • Have an in-class Seminary activity day where older students share their favorite SM scripture, or scriptures (from other years) to the other students in your class.
  • If you teach seniors, give them an open book scripture mastery “quiz” that uses scripture mastery scriptures from all 4 Seminary years. (Other students could also be offered the opportunity to take the “quiz” — perhaps for extra credit.)
  • Each time a Book of Mormon scripture mastery scripture “comes up” in the course of a lesson, ask students to check their 100 SM list and see what SM scriptures from other years might also apply.
  • Take an activity day and invite students to chain the 100 SM scriptures together — as they see fit. (You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the connections that they will find.)
  • Allow students to “pass off” SM scriptures from the following year, perhaps for extra credit, after they have finished all 25 scriptures from the current Seminary year.


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