I’m a Mormon

Find out what things your students are interested in. Do your students love piano music? Is it rugby season? Are they great artists? Interested in motorcycles? Like to read?

Using the search tools at http://www.Mormon.org/ locate a video of someone who shares the interests of your student(s). Before you show it to the class, ask students to watch the video for ways that the person developed his or her testimony. What trials have they had? What can we learn from this person and their experiences? What does this person say that indicates they have an understanding of the Godhead? What do they know about the Godhead? What do they know about the restoration of the Priesthood, etc. Use whatever you find to tie into your lesson.

You may have students write their observations as the video is playing.

Great for: Lesson opener, Getting the attention of uninterested students

Class size: Any class size

Helps Students: SEARCH the scriptures or text, SEE a gospel principle in action

Prep Time: 10 minutes

Student Age: Any age

Equipment needed: internet access and/or computer or smart device

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