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Bible Videos Screen Capture

I know teachers with problems showing videos in church all over the world.  The church typically relies on the very lowest bandwidth residential connections it can get, which causes problems for a media-hungry curriculum like Come Follow Me.  The Come Follow Me site has a page that teaches you how to avoid the bandwidth crush as several teachers try to display the same videos during class at the same time.

First go to your desired video.

You’ll see the download links for individual videos like this on the Come Follow Me site:

Download Video PopUp Window

and at like this:

Bible Videos Screen Capture

Click on the download link and be sure to save it somewhere you can find it again.

After the video downloads, TEST it.  You should be able play the video directly on your computer automatically, but always test.  You don’t want to discover during your lesson that there was a playback or downloading problem.

If you want to view the videos bigger during class, you can

  • output from your laptop to newer televisions by a video output cable
  • set up the unit projector (not recommended for Sunday use if you have more than one unit meeting in your building — too many people to fight!)
  • burn a DVD of the downloaded video and play it on the DVD player and TV at your church – RECOMMENDED

If you plan to use videos fairly frequently, you can download

as a single archive from the above links.  Start it downloading before bed and when you wake up you’ll have all the videos ready to go ahead of time for your lessons.  Problem solved.

I’d suggest that Sunday School presidencies and Stake Seminary Coordinators download all these video files for all their teachers and provide each with a DVD.  They’d love you forever and ever!  Other stake leaders could do the same as well and provide DVDs at leadership trainings.

YouTube Videos

I’m often asked how to get around the Church’s firewall to show a YouTube video at Church.  There are two ways:

  1. Download the YouTube video
  2. Use Facebook

Download the YouTube video

There are a million websites that download YouTube videos, but the easiest I’ve found is  Here’s how to do it:

This super cute video is of some missionaries singing a fantastic song “How Can I Be (Like Nephi)”.  To download it, simply type ‘ss’ in front of the part of the URL and press enter. Closeup


Here’s a close up:


You’ll be redirected to  Follow the instructions on the page to download the video to your computer at any resolution.

Use Facebook

It’s always best to download videos before using them in class to cut out at least one level of possible technical things that can go wrong during your lesson.  If, however, you’re like me and sometimes get texts during Sacrament meeting asking you to sub, you may need to use the Facebook method to show a video.  In short, you’re going to post the video to your wall but set the video to “Only Me”, so that your students won’t see it before class.

Paste the URL into your status box like this:


Then, click the post privacy settings (above it’s the “Friends” button), and change the share settings to “Only Me”.


When you want to show your video, go to your Facebook profile page, and click the play button (Don’t click the URL!).  Your video should begin playing.

After class, you will want to change the privacy settings to “Friends” or “Public” again so that your students can watch it again at home.

Be sure to TEST this method before using it! Again, it is ALWAYS safest to download a video before showing it in class.

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