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Question Dec 11 2013

Need clipart young girl ice skating...


I'm making a special website for my grandchildren. I have a great picture of a small boy fishing.  If possible, I would like to find a picture of a young girl ice skating.

Your clipart has greatly enhanced the website for my grandchildren.  Once I have it more developed, I'll show you what I'm doing and how wonderful your clipart is.

I'm in no super rush to find the skating image, as my project will take at least two years to finish.


Wes Jenkins


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Handout Nov 19 2013

Scripture Tweet Worksheet

Scripture Tweet Worksheet

This file can be used to have students summarize

For example:  "Imagine you are Enos.  What would you tweet about your experience with prayer."


"Imagine you are one of the shepherds who saw angels at Christ's birth.  What would you tweet?"

You can even ask students to draw a picture they may have snapped to go along with the tweet.

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Stickers Oct 22 2013

Happy Birthday Stickers


With the help of our Facebook fans, we've created our these awesome LDS Happy Birthday stickers!

For a limited time, they are available in 4 colors: pink, blue, black, and green. The most popular color(s) will be reordered and will become a permanent part of our product collection.

Each 2 inch, full-color sticker has phrases from popular Primary birthday songs in subway art style. The word "wish" forms a candle shape with a flame.

Our birthday stickers are perfect for leaders looking for simple LDS birthday ideas. You can use them :

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Object Lesson Aug 15 2013

starburst temple work

Bring a small candy like a starburst, set it on the table and ask "who wants the candy? Who REALLY wants the candy? " Whoever seems most eager, pick for the example. Say, "Joey, (or whoever) you really want the candy. It'll make you very happy. So you can have it, but you can't use any part of your body to pick it up or unwrap it, you can only chew." So Joey'll be confused- how does he get it? Ask, is there anyone who is willing to help Joey eat the candy? See if anyone will. Afterward, talk about how the dead really want their work done but can't do it themselves. Why not?

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Handout Aug 09 2013

1845 Proclamation - D&C 124

I am subbing in Sunday School this week, and I think I am going to use the 1845 proclamation referenced in the text to teach a little gospel doctrine.  I may not.  Still deciding :)

At any rate, here are a couple of handout versions you could use in your classroom.  I've broken the document out into sections to make it easier to locate certain passages during teaching.  For example, you could ask a student to read the second paragraph in the "testimony" section.  There are three different PDF versions of the text that you can use based on what looks best when photocopied.

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Handout Jul 12 2013

The Gold Plates

The gold plates

I am working on a clip art version of the gold plates to use for scripture mastery tracking sheets this year, and I thought it turned out pretty great.  I am using the description of the gold plates called "What Did the Gold Plates Look Like?" from the New Era.  

Gif versions do include transparency.

There are black and white, color, and coloring sheets below.  Enjoy!

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Question Jul 02 2013

Sunday School Ideas

So I teach the 14-15 yr old SS class. It is all boys who only participate when bribed with candy. I love tteaching youth and have always had a fine time with lessons until the new program came out. I need ideas to get and keep attention for this month's lessons on ordinances and covenants. Thanks! Also, I am new to these forums and pinterest and things like this. Can someone please email me where to find answers to this post? Thanks.

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Handout May 13 2013

Revelation 1-7 Study Guide

Revelation 1-7  Study Guide

I made this handout to help out in my teaching of Revelation chapters 1-7.  I'm hoping it will help answer student questions that may come up.  This handout is geared for teenagers, and all the sources are LDS.


Revelation 1

Revelation 1:13 – One like unto the Son of Man

This is Christ. The Book of Revelation Made Easier by David J. Ridges says this phrase was used to keep from saying the name of God or Christ too frequently. The Savior identifies himself in verses 16-17.

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Handout Apr 29 2013

Doers of the Word To Do List

I used this To Do List with the idea from the Seminary Lesson manual when teaching about the doers of the word.  After reading James 1:22-25, students were given several minutes to look over James 1-5 and to write down ways they can be doers of the word.

The quote is from For the Strength of Youth (2012 version).

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