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Object Lesson Feb 20 2013

Craft Sticks - Notches

Handed out one of these [craft sticks] to each one [student. After the lesson], ... they handed their stick back to me. I talked about how each of us may be weak (like the notches in the stick can weaken the stick) but together, the sticks can build a wonderful strong structure. All of us sharing our testimonies can strengthen each other....

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Object Lesson Nov 05 2008

Comb your hair

Have students comb their hair, with the stipulation that they cannot bend their elbows. This is quite a hilarious sight to see them trying to comb hair with straight arms. Its basically impossible unless the person has very long hair and can bend over very far. Then give the same comb to a neighbor and again with only straight arms, have the neighbor comb the hair.

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