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Question Jun 26 2013

Humanitariun Projects

I have read great articles about Humanitariun Projects that other Relief Socirties have done, like birthing kits for villages in Africa, flip flops for villages in the Phillipines, but they never give an address where you could get info on these projects. I really would love some ideas for Humanitariun Projects and contacts. Thank you so much.

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Blog entry Oct 23 2008

"Dream" Relief Provided in Louisiana

"Dream" Relief Provided in Louisiana - More than 1,400 Mormons from six surrounding states converged on southern Louisiana September 27 to help Houma residents dig out from the aftermath of two September hurricanes. Hailing from Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Tennessee, they joined volunteers from the Realizing the Dream Foundation, the AFL-CIO, and local churches and groups.

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