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Young Women Torch Activity- Camp Craft

The other hat I wear is Stake Young Women Camp Leader (you could easily adapt this to a Seminary project/gift – I made  “Plan of Happiness” pillowcases for my Seminary students a few years ago. Attach a note that says, thank you for choosing …

Young Women Torch Chalkboard Poster Template

  This is the Young Women Torch located in the bottom right corner of a chalkboard background.  This image is the perfect starting place for your awesome YW poster or invitation This image is free to use or print for noncommercial projects.  The only thing I ask is if you make something with it, you email me a copy at jennysmith.net @ gmail.com.

Young Women Theme – Sign

This sign has the Young Women’s Theme on it, along with some lightened images of the YW Torch. Full color 8 1/2 x 11 inches. Please let me know if you find a typo–no spell checker. From the Church copyright office: The Young Women logo may be used for Church purposes, but may not be used for commercial ventures. 2006 copyright by Intellectual Reserve, Inc., used by permission.

Young Women’s Theme – Bookmarks

Here is the Young Women’s Theme, with a light background image of the YW torch. This would make a helpful handout for girls and leaders trying to learn the theme. Please let me know if you find a typo – the program I use to make clip art doesn’t have a spelling checker. 3 color bookmarks per page. From the Church copyright office: The Young Women logo may be used…
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Young Women Torch

I couldn’t find a decent copy of this image online–so I made my own! I also have this image in black and white. Click on Young Women’s torch below to find it. Quote regarding the Torch: “This is the Young Women torch. It is symbolic of the light of the gospel, which comes from our Heavenly Father. This light had its beginning in heaven before you were born. There you…
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