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Young Women in Excellence Talk

This talk is 5 years old and was given by our then Young Women president.  I loved it so much I asked her for a copy.  It’s reproduced below and it’s available in printable PDF form: Young Women in Excellence Talk At the end of every year, the young women of the church gather for Young Women in Excellence. This event is similar to a Scout Court of Honor. It is…
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Be the Light Temple Recommend Holders + Contest & Prizes

I’ve got another free download for you today: Be the Light Temple Recommend Holders. This project coordinates with my Be the Light printables available in my Etsy Shop. And in celebration of the grand opening… More

2016 Mutual Theme Photo Posters [Horizontal]

I’m excited to present my latest project for you featuring the 2016 Mutual Theme! I’ve got FIVE horizontal-format photo posters featuring my 2016 Mutual Theme Logos! I have lots of more downloads in the works.… More

2016 Mutual Theme Photo Posters [Vertical]

I’m excited to present my latest project for you featuring the 2016 Mutual Theme! I’ve got FIVE vertical-format photo posters featuring my 2016 Mutual Theme Logos! Soon, I will have FIVE MORE DIFFERENT photo posters… More

2016 Mutual Theme Logos: Press Forward with a Steadfastness in Christ

They’re here! After hours of work and fine-tuning, I’m pleased to announce that my 2016 Mutual Theme logos are ready for you. All 20 variations! Yes, I’ve created 20 different variations of this year’s Young Women/Young Men Mutual Theme: Wherefore, … Continue reading

The Wizard of Oz 2015 Young Women Theme Posters

I love the Wizard of Oz! One of my earliest memories is of watching it late at night, curled up on the couch. Last year I shared some of my wards plans for Young Women in Excellence, which was centered around the theme “There’s No Place Like Home.”

Just a little while ago I was reading the original story and thinking back about Young Women in Excellence. Soon my mind was bouncing all around thinking about how the characters related to the Young Women values. And then I got started thinking about the poster I made way back when the 2015 theme was announced, which was designed around The Wizard of Oz.

So I got set working on some really fun, simple posters, which are for sale in my Etsy store.

First, I recreated the original 2015 theme poster I had done with a completely new approach, and I must say I greatly prefer the new one. The design is more cohesive and clean, and overall I think it’s just more visually appealing.

Then I took the four attributes mentioned in D&C 4:2—heart, might, mind, & strength— and attributed each one to a character from the Wizard of Oz and the thing they desire, which seems only fitting as they’re attributes we’re each striving to have as well.

Last I focused in on the Young Women values, with each of the four lead characters representing two values, through abstract silhouettes in the value color of choice. Even though three of the characters are male, their attributes are applicable to either gender, and these values perfectly parallel the individual quests of each character.

They are untimely, but I figured it’s never too late to plan for Girls Camp, and it’s never too early to plan for Young Women in Excellence!

2015 Mutual Theme Glass Tile Necklaces

Here’s a fun project for your Young Women: 2015 Mutual Theme Glass Tile Necklaces! A sweet blog reader, Brittney, asked me if I could size my 2015 Mutual Theme Logos to fit inside some glass-tile necklaces she was making for her … Continue reading

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