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Women at Christ’s Birth Skit

By: Judith Hoopes Hamilton, Hello, I’m excited to tell you that I know who wrote the program about the Women at Christ’s birth. The writer was a women named Judith Hoopes Hamilton, it was first presented on December 1, 1973, in Chandler, Arizona. Here is an introduction in her own words: I have written these stories as part of a lesson given to my sisters near Christmas time to help…
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Personal Revelation

What is Personal Revelation?
Personal Revelation

Why do I need personal revelation?

There are a few activities that would be wonderful for mutual night-

“The egg walk”- this activity is perfect for mutual/FHE/Activity days etc.

Personal Revelation

Find a grassy area where you can walk bare footed.  Place Blindfolds on your participants, and have them walk through your designated area with out stepping on an egg.  Someone must guide and direct through voice only.

The person guiding represents our Heavenly Father- and person blindfolded represents us- Only Heavenly Father sees the big picture so can guide us through our journey safely.

Personal Revelation

Another activity you can do at mutual or during class-

Give everyone a piece of paper- have them write a simple sentence 
Pass the paper and have the next person draw a picture of the sentence-
next- fold the paper right under the sentence- then pass the paper (so they can not see the original sentence,only the picture) keep folding and passing-

This shows how communication can be mis-interpreted – Making personal revelation so very important.  

Many voices in the world compete for your attention, and they can easily drown out spiritual impressions if you are not careful. (Preach my Gospel pg 96)

Richard G. Scott said in How to receive revelation “Heavenly Father did not put us on earth to fail but to succeed gloriously”

“God loves you and all His children.  He is anxious to support you in your practical and specific challenges.  You have been promised inspiration to know what to do and have been given the power to do it” see D&C 43:15-16 (Preach my Gospel pg 89)

“Communication with our Heavenly Father is not a trivial matter.  It is a sacred privilege.” Richard G Scott

I really love what the bible dictionary says about revelation 

The bible dictionary says “Divine revelation is one of the grandest concepts and principles of the gospel of Jesus Christ, for without it, man could not know of the things of God and could not be saved with any degree of salvation in the eternities.  Continuous revelation from God to his saints, through the Holy ghost or by other means, such as visions, dreams, or visitations, makes possible daily guidance along true paths and lead the faithful soul to complete and eternal salvation in the celestial kingdom.”  “It is the making known of divine truth by communication with the heavens, and consists not only of revelation of the plan of salvation to the Lord’s prophets but also a confirmation in the hearts of the believers that the revelation to the  prophets is true.  It also consists of individual guidance for every person who seeks for it and follows the prescribed course of faith, repentance, and obedience to the gospel of Jesus Christ.  “The Holy Ghost is a revelator,” said Joseph Smith” “without revelation, all would be guesswork, darkness, and confusion.

Studying the following will help with learning how the Spirit talks to us (Preach my Gospel)

Activity: Personal or Companion Study

Study the following table. Think of times when you have experienced any of the feelings, thoughts, or impressions described in the passages below. As you study and gain experience, add other passages to this list. Think of how you can use these principles to help others feel and recognize the Spirit.
Gives feelings of love, joy, peace, patience, meekness, gentleness, faith, and hope.
Gives ideas in the mind, feelings in the heart.
Occupies the mind and presses on the feelings.
Helps scriptures have strong effect.
Gives good feelings to teach if something is true.
Enlightens the mind.
Replaces darkness with light.
Strengthens the desire to avoid evil and obey the commandments.
Teaches truth and brings it to remembrance.
Gives feelings of peace and comfort.
Guides to truth and shows things to come.
Reveals truth.
Guides and protects from deception.
Glorifies and bears record of God the Father and Jesus Christ.
Guides the words of humble teachers.
Recognizes and corrects sin.
Gives gifts of the Spirit.
Helps to perceive or discern the thoughts of others.
Tells what to pray for.
Tells what to do.
Helps the righteous speak with power and authority.
Testifies of the truth.
Sanctifies and brings remission of sins.
Carries truth to the heart of the listener.
Enhances skills and abilities.
Constrains (impels forward) or restrains (holds back).
Edifies both teacher and students.
Gives comfort.

The most powerful experience will be when the youth share their own personal experience of when they received guidance and or revelation.

I am so grateful that our Heavenly Father loves us enough to continue to talk to us and help us navigate through this journey we call life.

The nose knows-Activity-Why do the choices I make matter?

The nose knows-Activity-Why do the choices I make matter?
photo credit Wikipedia.org

In the lesson or topic “Why do my choices matter” it is suggested to discuss with our youth how Satan tries to trick or confuse us

“Invite the young women to think of some things they might do when others challenge their standards. How does Satan try to confuse us about the consequences of our choices? Encourage them to look for truths during this lesson that help them combat Satan’s lies.”

With Satan and his followers busy these days waging a full on war with us it is important for us to learn how to detect evil, to find know the truth.

The nose knows-Activity-Why do the choices I make matter?
Photo credit Tampagov.net

The way to detect evil is not by partaking in it.  That would be like checking for Rat poison by tasting it.

Heavenly Father has promised us that evil can always be discerned   We may see it from a distance.  We may smell it from a distance.  We may know it simply from its source.  We have been given a wonderful gift called
Discernment so that we can detect danger from a distance.

When you are out camping or hiking and you come across a wonderful stream and you just need a drink- if it smells funny would you still drink from it?
Probably not.  When you pull out some lunch meat from the fridge and it smells a little funny, do you still eat it?  Probably not.  Why? because our noses are telling us that it is not quite right.  It warns us. Just as our eyes and nose allow us to keep our distance from toxins, we are given a spiritual sense, that if honored will detect evil before it gets into our system.

So Wednesday before our activity we are going to do some smell tests, to see how well our noses work.  We will discuss how this just like our spiritual sense will give us warning.  We will discuss some of Satan’s tricks and lies.
2 Nephi 28:20-22 tells us some of his tricks- He will rage in the hearts and stir them up to anger against that which is good.  Others he will pacify and give them a false security.  He will flatter some away and say “there is no hell and no devil”

I am really excited to do this- I will post some pictures next week of our smell tests- I think this will help the youth to understand a little better of their spiritual sense so they can make choices that will not harm them physically and spiritually.  I am very excited.

We ended up not doing this during our activity but during a Sunday lesson
Check it out here

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A Fathers Royalty

A Fathers Royalty
In the Proclamation of the Family it says that part of Heavenly Fathers plan for us is to “ultimately realize their [our] divine destiny as heirs of eternal life”

Growing up as a teenager in the 80’s I watched Princess Diane and Prince Charles get married

Oh how I longed to be a princess

When I received my patriarchal blessing, I finally got a glimpse of who I was, and that I indeed was a daughter of the 
King-est Kings of all!

And he wants me to have all that he hath
happiness, joy and peace

 In 2011 I watched Prince William and Catherine Middleton
court and fall in love
A Fathers Royalty

as I watched her I said to myself “She already acts like a princess”
How does a Princess act?
and how can we teach our Young Women and daughters that they already are princesses and then, how princesses act

Idea: Princess Workshops
These workshops are designed to help teach the young women how to become “the fairest in the land” through examples and messages of well known fairy tales. Break the girls into groups and hold 3-4 of following rotating workshops (about 10 minutes each). And then combine everyone together for the “Fairest of Them All” workshop.
Touching upon- Virtue, Integrity, honesty, modesty, humility
check out Jenny Phillips song “Daughter of a King”

See the web site above for in depth details of the workshop

Idea: The “Map” to Happily Ever After
In Elder Uchtdorf’s talk “Your Happily Ever After” (April 2010 General Conference), he talks about the “map” that our Heavenly Father has given us:

Create an activity where you leave a treat or special gift at a certain spot can be done like a treasure map. Then give each girl a map of the camp or building (you can draw it yourself–it can be a rough map!). In one specific and known area of the map (such as the amphitheater, or the flag pole, or the kitchen), put an X close to it. In the “Instructions” explain how to get to the treat (put the treat
behind a bush or a tree, etc. not right out in the open). For example: Instructions: Go to the flag pole by the amphitheater. Look in the bushes right by the flagpole for a box covered
with a brown blanket.  Have the girl’s bring the treat or gift back to your gathering place where you can talk to them. Ask them how easy it was to find the treats (it should’ve been very easy, even though the treat/gift wasn’t right out in the open.) Explain to them that the map was very clear, and it was easy to arrive at the treat/gift if they simply followed the map and
instructions. Explain that the Lord has also given us a clear map. Read this from Elder Uchtdorf’s talk:

A Fathers Royalty
Finishing School
Each girl was sent here to earth by a loving Father in heaven who wants her to return. As the daughter of a Heavenly King, she is a princess. Heavenly Father has bestowed her with special gifts and lots of help to overcome the tests of “finishing school” and return home with honor. 
This can be done up at girls camp/ new beginnings/ young women in excellence
hold a class for “Princess Finishing School” taught by a leader or special guest.

Prepare for a Royal Wedding

A Fathers Royalty
found on pintrest

Activity Ideas:
-Talk about preparing for a royal wedding: what you have to do to be worthy to enter the temple.
-Do the “Worth Waiting For” craft Kit and corresponding activity available on www.jennyphillips.com for only $3
-Play the video “Worth Waiting For” (7 minutes long) available on the DVD “Arise and Shine Forth” on www.jennyphillips.com. Preview the video here: http://www.youtube.com/jennyphillipsmusic.
-It would be fun after showing the video “Worth Waiting For” (which includes cupcakes in the video) to close with someone performing the song “Worth Waiting For” and then serving cupcakes.

A Fathers Royalty
I am so grateful that our King (Heavenly Father) sent out a Proclamation to the world 
proclaiming that the family is central in his plan
proclaiming that we are indeed his children
proclaiming that he has a plan
proclaiming that we have a responsibility
and then warning what will happen if we ignore 

I am grateful for this wonderful gospel & grateful to know of his plan and that he indeed loves & needs me.

and so I ask myself this question every day  

Do I act as a Daughter of the King-est King of all, would act?

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Just Call me David

Just Call me David
Never Underrate Yourself

Each day we are faced with our own and others’ traits and attributes. Often we judge ourselves against those we see. Unfortunately, we usually think mostly of others’ strengths and our weaknesses. We wish we were as tall, as thin, as well dressed, as pretty, as talented, as smart, or as spiritual as someone else—and the list goes on in our minds. Each time we see ourselves in such a limiting, unrealistic way, we damage our self-image and fail to benefit from our own strengths and talents. We can especially damage how we see ourselves if our peer group has set the standards and we feel we are not meeting them.
From Lesson 41- The Ability to Succeed
This got me to thinking about David
Did he underrate himself before he went up against Goliath?
Did he compare himself to King Saul or some of the other soldiers?
There was one, however, who did not quake with fear nor run in alarm. Rather, he stiffened the spine of Israel’s soldiers by his piercing question of rebuke toward them: “Is there not a cause? … Let no man’s heart fail because of him; thy servant will go and fight with this Philistine” (1 Samuel 17:19, 32). David, the shepherd boy, had spoken. But he did not speak just as a shepherd boy. For the hands of the prophet Samuel had rested upon his head and anointed him; and the Spirit of the Lord had come upon him. Meeting your Goliath- President Monson
No because he had faith in himself and the Lord

Lesson 41 helps the YW see what kind of attitude they have for themselves and how this can affect their success

Just Call me David

We were each born to succeed just like David was born to defeat Goliath

You will need Butcher paper 10 feet long
Tin foil
2- 10 pound sacks (flour or sugar)
1- 5 pound sack of suger or flour
Read the story in 1 Samuel chapter 17 together, after the story start running the 10 foot paper up the wall- on the ceiling if needed.

“How tall do you really think Goliath really was?”
have them tell you to stop 
Ask “How would you like to face someone this size, who is very mean?” 
Ask them to guess how heavy  Goliath’s spear was, start to load the sugar into someone’s arms
Explain that his spear alone was 26 pounds

Each of us have Goliath’s in our lives that we struggle to overcome

Well might we look carefully into our own lives and judge our courage, our faith. Is there a Goliath in your life? Is there one in mine? Does he stand squarely between you and your desired happiness? Your Goliath may not carry a sword or hurl a verbal challenge of insult that all may hear and force you to decision. He may not be ten feet tall, but he likely will appear equally as formidable, and his silent challenge may shame and embarrass.
One man’s Goliath may be the stranglehold of a cigarette or perhaps an unquenchable thirst for alcohol. To another, her Goliath may be an unruly tongue or a selfish streak which causes her to spurn the poor and the downtrodden. Envy, greed, fear, laziness, doubt, vice, pride, lust, selfishness, discouragement—all spell Goliath. (President Monson)
Roll the tin foil into “stones” and take turns aiming them at Goliath
Just Call me David
The activity to the left was done a little differently-
Our Young Women did this activity with our Primary Children- 
Lets all be like David and defeat our own Goliath’s!

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Stop the Stinking Thinking

Be-You-tiful Activity

Stinking Thinking

Lesson 41 – The ability to Succeed 

A couple weeks ago I got to have a “girls weekend” with some family- it was great! lots of food, fun, laughing, Just Dance and Pictures……… ha that’s the best part- we have to document all of our fun, & upload it to facebook, instagram etc BUT after each picture I heard 
“Ok let me look at it”, “Delete”, “I look fat”, “My hair looks 

Stinking Thinking

dumb” “Eww look at my face”,
” I hate pictures”, “I look so ugly” & that was not just the girls, us adults, (well me) were doing it.  What is wrong with us?  Why do we have to pick ourselves apartThen

 “Stop it” 

came into my mind, from President Uchtdorf talk during General Conference 

Stop tearing ourselves down
Stop picking out all the things we don’t like about ourselves
Stop looking for imperfections 
Stop comparing yourself to everyone else

We are daughters of a Heavenly Father who loves us, and we love him….
We say this every Sunday and yet we still pick at ourselves and compare ourselves to everyone (we think) that looks better then us.  

Each day we are faced with our own and others’ traits and attributes. Often we judge ourselves against those we see. Unfortunately, we usually think mostly of others’ strengths and our weaknesses. We wish we were as tall, as thin, as well dressed, as pretty, as talented, as smart, or as spiritual as someone else—and the list goes on in our minds. Each time we see ourselves in such a limiting, unrealistic way, we damage our self-image and fail to benefit from our own strengths and talents. We can especially damage how we see ourselves if our peer group has set the standards and we feel we are not meeting them

D&C 18:10
10 Remember the aworth of bsouls is great in the sight of God;

Not “Remember the worth of Souls is great in the sight of God;” except you, or except my hair color, my hair, my toes, my legs etc.

Stinking Thinking

He created us- All of us, every part of us

Each one of us is different, have different gifts, different talents- I liken this to my shoes ha ha

Stinking Thinking

Each pair is different, I need every pair I have, would I wear my hiking boots to prom? would I wear my stilettos on a hike?
each have its own unique purpose!

So it is in our Heavenly Fathers kingdom- he needs each of us to be different from each other- because he has different purposes for us.
Point out that we do not all have the same talents, abilities, or potential, but each of us has something that we can do well. We need to find our own unique qualities and build on them. We need to have sufficient confidence in ourselves that we can improve. We can begin by thinkingthat we can succeed.

So lets
Stop it with all the Stinking Thinking!

Do some Personal Progress- (you don’t have to tell them)
Have them bring one of their shoes that they feel represents their own personality- and chat about how each shoe has it’s own unique purpose- it would be a great time to just finish 
IW #7

Personal Progress
Individual Worth #7

Heavenly Father has given you special gifts. Read 1 Corinthians 12:4–1213;Moroni 7:12–1310:8–18; and Doctrine and Covenants 46:11–26. Ask a family member, a Young Women leader, and a friend to write down positive qualities the Lord has given you. List your gifts in your journal, and write how you can continue to develop these gifts and use them to serve your family and others. 
a great activity to go along with this could be this
Individual Worth – 

Stinking Thinking

 This, I found on Pintrest and you can use the link above it to go to the site- it is a great way to see what others see in you.

“The only disability in life is a bad attitude” – Scott Hamilton
especially to ourselves- one of Satan’s biggest tools is to beat ourselves up. so 


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