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Lesson 34 ~ Manual 1

I actually get to teach this lesson so there will be a second post with my quotes and printable things that I used for the lesson. 
This lesson is mostly a talk from Boyd K Packer which is amazing. What an important lesson especially for today’s youth when they always seem to have their earbuds in. 
I am going to start off my lesson with the object lesson I found on Sugardoodle by Sue Curtis “Don’t think about M&M’s”
Lesson 34 ~ Manual 1
I think it makes a great point that what we listen to does fill our minds even if we don’t want it to. 
I also thought I would explain what garnish means. 
garnish the dish with chopped parsley: decorate, adorn, ornament, trim, dress, embellish; enhance, grace, beautify, prettify, add the finishing touch to.
keep a few sprigs for a garnish: decoration, adornment, trim, trimming, ornament, ornamentation, embellishment, enhancement, finishing touch; Cooking chiffonade.
and see if they could make a connection with the scripture  “Let virtue garnish thy thoughts unceasingly” (D&C 121:45)
Also on my table I will have some things that “garnish”. 
The rest of the lesson is the talk from Boyd K Packer that I will divide up for reading and attached to that I will put two candy eyeballs which works great since the Halloween candy is already coming out. 
Lesson 34 ~ Manual 1
To make it not quite so long a reading I will show THIS video which is the first part about the irrigation and water. 
After they have read through and answered the questions following I thought that THIS object lesson was a great way to reinforce how much we are influenced by what we hear. 
Or I read somewhere that someone used their phone ringtones and played a few and asked the girls how they felt when she  played them to show how we’re influenced by music. 
While I was reading through this lesson IPod’s kept coming to my mind and then I remembered seeing an IPod Valentine on line. 
Lesson 34 ~ Manual 1
I will put a quote about music in the screen and on the back the scripture “Let virtue garnish thy thoughts” 
Instructions to make these can be found HERE
I am also considering having the girls bring their IPods and maybe do a little cleaning on their playlists. 
Have a great lesson!!
***added 9/10/12
I also added another object lesson about garnish. After we read the definition of garnish I pulled out two glasses. The first I dipped in hot fudge and then sprinkles. I then filled the glass with milk and added a small doughnut which I’d made a slit in to the rim of the glass and finished with a cute stripy straw. The second glass I dipped  the rim in maple syrup that had dirt in it and then in paper scraps. I then added the milk and added a brown banana slice to the rim and a chewed up straw. We talked about how both glasses were ganished but what the garnish was made a difference. Just like our thoughts should be garnished with virtue not garbage. 

Lesson 34 ~ Manual 1

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