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Galatians – Ephesians

Impossibly, it snowed again Sunday night into Monday.  The weather was so poor that the other teacher and I canceled Monday’s Seminary Sunday night, well before the school canceled.  School was completely out on Monday and on two-hour delay Tuesday, so I only got to teach two lessons this week.  We have missed an entire week of class this month due to snow days.  It’s March — crazy! Unfortunately we…
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Thoughts on the Armor of God

I’ve been collecting some links and other information regarding the Armor of God.  As usual, I start out with a very grandiose idea and whittle it down to something simpler.  At first I had planned to have each student make a full cardboard set of armor.  Cool, yes.  Physical reminder of a powerful lesson, yes.  Doable, yes, with difficulty. Cost, manageable but may not be able to be replicated by…
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