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Alma 43-63: Why So Much War?

This great talk was shared by a teacher on our Seminary teachers facebook group.  It’s based on a paper that is at http://si.lds.org/.  She made a handout, but I wanted more of the text of the paper instead of a worksheet, and made my own. I like the thrust of the text of this talk, which is basically directed at some themes that are found in the war chapters that…
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Seminary Mom: Topsy Turvy Timeline Files

ACTIVITY: I devised a Topsey-Turvey Timeline by going verse by verse through Alma 43. Writing down what I felt were pertinent moments in the chapter, I came up with a rough timeline. Then, using the clip art that came with my computer, I found a symbolic picture for each part of the timeline, placing that next to each phrase. Once that was complete, I then mixed up the order as…
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