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Leviticus 11 Kosher Menu Activity

        Make a dual sided copy of the pages and fold it to look like a restaurant menu.  Then simply have them follow the instructions inside.  Once they have made their selections, read Leviticus 11 together to see if they made the appropriate Kosher selections. For a prize to those who guess correctly, have something Kosher like a pickle.        All the answers (except maybe for 2) are in Leviticus 11 so no need to sea […]

Book of Exodus Teaching Ideas

​Hello Teachers,It seems I am a bit behind many of you in your teaching schedule right now.  So I figure it might be best to post all 4 of my ideas for the book of Exodus now.  So here it goes.  Hope this isn’t too much at once.  ​Exodus 16Here is a worksheet I’ve used to get my class familiar with Manna that is spoken of in chapter 16. worksheet_on_manna.docFile Size: 16 kbFile Type: docDownload File Exodus 5-25 -Worksheet:  Comparing Isra […]

Genesis 42-47 Worksheet Comparing Joseph & Christ

When giving a worksheet like this, I like mixing up the class and giving them a partner to work with that they might not usually work with.  Then after a set time go through the answers as a class and make sure and take time to focus on the big life changing, take home principles.  On the third page is some the key to the comparisons between Joseph and Christ.   genesis_42-46_worksheet.docFile Size: 49 kbFile Type: docDownload File […]

12 Tribes Birth Order & Names

​The first two pages are some graphics that help teach the story of the birth of the 12 Tribes of Israel in Genesis 29-35 and about the Birthright. The first page is animated to help see who comes first chronologically.  The third page is a glue-in to help your students refer back to the information.The last page has the names of some of the major player and what their names mean in Hebrew.  This is especially interesting as you get to the names of the 13 children of Jacob. Much […]

Abraham & Isaac Worksheet/Glue-in

​        Here is a glue-in and also worksheet.  On the first page the right hand side is partly missing so students can research and discover the comparisons to Jesus Christ, with a partner.  The second page is for if you just want to have a glue in showing the comparison.        I hope that you would also help them discover key principles a doctrines like:-Trust God, even when He doesn’t seem to make sense.-God will sometimes t […]

“Two Truths & A Lie”

Sorry it has been so long since sharing.  I’m getting uses to a new schedule and things. Today I taught Noah and the flood. The big principles I taught were:2 Nephi 26:24 and the flood was an act of love to the righteous, wicked, and the unborn.Genesis 6:5 Controlling our thoughts and how to do that with Elder Packard’s talk, “Inspiring Music-Worthy Thoughts” JANUARY 1974Genesis 6:11-12 about how violent media is worse for us than some think. Then I did a work […]

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