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An act of service has been launched against you….

This fun handout is by Trudy. It is a handout that would be nice for a FHE lesson or a lesson on performing service for family members. It reads: Official U.F.S.S. Business Confidential You are hereby served by the Dept. of United Family Secret Service. An act of service has sucessfully been launched against you. Your mission now is to carry out an act of Secret Service to a member…
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Menu Planning Sheet for Mystery Dinner

Submitted by Trudy. Activity description: A Secret Combo Meal, planning sheet and menu. We used these for an activity that had an 80’s theme, hence the 80’s reference on some of the foods code names. Every item on the menu is in secret code so you may end up eating your meal with a toothpick! There is also a matching menu (For those of you unfamiliar with these games, basically…
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Relief Society Declaration Bookmark

This is a Book Mark of the Relief Society Declaration, with this quote on the back: “If we will study the Relief Society Declaration, practice and follow its action steps, blessings will be poured out upon our heads. As individuals and as a Relief Society, we have yet to reach our potential. All the essential ingredients are before us…. The Declaration is a perfect recipe for our time…. We hope…
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Child of God Booklet – Primary 1, Lesson 1 (Sunbeam)

Trudy has been called as a Sunbeam teacher for this year, much to the delight of all her fans in the Primary! This is a booklet she made for her first lesson. Trudy says, “Here is what I made up for the first lesson for nursery/sunbeam Primary 1: I am a Child of God. It’s an activity/touch and feel book. All the pages and instructions on how to put it…
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