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Church History Timeline

Downloaded from: http://seminaryatsixam.blogspot.com/2014/09/church-history-timeline.html This week, my class will begin making a Church History timeline that will be added to for the balance of the year.It will go from 1800-2015, including a spot for them to note when they were born.(They are making “mini-me’s” to post. I found this Church History and World History Timeline that is very helpful for this project.Click HERE to see.Do you have any suggestions for making…
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Seminary Mom: Topsy Turvy Timeline Files

ACTIVITY: I devised a Topsey-Turvey Timeline by going verse by verse through Alma 43. Writing down what I felt were pertinent moments in the chapter, I came up with a rough timeline. Then, using the clip art that came with my computer, I found a symbolic picture for each part of the timeline, placing that next to each phrase. Once that was complete, I then mixed up the order as…
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