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Obedience and Family History with Coat of Arms activity

We believe … in obeying honoring, and sustaining the law (A of F 1:12). Have you ever tried to play a game with someone who doesn’t know the rules? You end up spending all your time deciding whose turn it is or what should happen next. When each person who is playing the game knows the rules and follows them, everyone can have fun. We also need rules or laws…
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10 Commandments Activities

1. Divide the older children into groups to discuss rules that we should obey in our families, schools, church, and country. Have them consider the benefits of obeying the rules and the consequences of not obeying them (e.g., If everyone talks at once, no one will be heard). A member of each group could report for that group. Or at a later time a member of each group could be…
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Keeping the Commandments / Moses lesson with craft

Lesson If ye keep my commandments, ye shall abide in my love; even as I have kept my Father’s commandments, and abide in his love (John 15:10). Have you ever tried to play a game that didn’t have any rules? You wouldn’t know how to start the game, how to play it, or how to know when it was finished. Rules tell us what to do. Heavenly Father and Jesus…
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I am created in the image of God. My body is a temple.

Primary Talks

The Lord gave me a temple to live within on earth. Once in Heaven I was spirit, but I left my home at birth. I’ll make my temple brighter; I’ll keep my spirit free. My body is the temple my Father gave to me. (Children’s Songbook, page 153.) This Primary song tells us that our bodies are temples that Heavenly Father has given us. The scriptures tell us this, too:…
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