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Say Yes To The Dress / Project Runway Modesty Activity

Downloaded from: http://ldsywideasandactivities.blogspot.com/2014/02/say-yes-to-dress-project-runway-modesty.html This week we had an all-girls activity planned by the Beehive class. We borrowed heavily from the Sisters in Zion blog where I saw the original idea, “Say Yes to the Dress”. We did our activity differently, but the wedding dress making contest idea was the same. Check out the original activity idea by clicking on the photo (from the post on the Sisters in Zion site)…
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The temple is the house of God

Primary Talks

We ask thee, O Lord, to accept of this house, the workmanship of the hands of us, thy servants (D&C 109:4). In Kirtland, Ohio, in 1836, Joseph Smith dedicated the first latter-day temple so that “the Son of Man might have a place to manifest himself to his people” (D&C 109:5). Work had begun on the temple on June 5, 1833. For the next three years the Saints endured many…
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