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Seasoning Your Lesson with Technology

By Scott Knecht The proliferation of machinery and electronic gadgetry in and around the classroom has been a real blessing in teaching and learning. I can remember using a mimeograph machine to make multiple copies of something for the whole class; also saving my nickels to go to the library because they had the only copy machine around and if I wanted something copied out of a book for my…
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Seminary Materials

I’m a little less than four weeks out. Collecting and organizing materials has been the main emphasis this week. Today I spent a good bit of time adding some of the handouts I’ve been given to my manual. This experience has made me wish that my laser printer had a duplexer for two-sided printing…. It seems that the login issues I was having at http://si.lds.org/ were being caused by the…
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Online Seminary Training

I wrote a little bit last week on the online resources for Seminary training, but my internet connection flipped out and the blog entry was lost before it could save. :( So I’m going to try to reconstruct was I was doing last week to prepare for Seminary. I didn’t spend a whole lot of time on Seminary toward the end of the week because I was trying to finish…
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