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Link: Teach To Learn: The 5 Minute Lecture

By Suzi Alkonis Suzi Alkonis : This is a great idea and a great blog: teachtolearn1.blogspot.com/2014/10/the-5-minute-lecture.html?spref=fb 2 (58 minutes ago) http://teachtolearn1.blogspot.com/2014/10/the-5-minute-lecture.html?spref=fb Not everything in a class should be or needs to be student discovery.  Sometimes I just need to tell them something but I struggled for a long time to do it effectively and in a timely manner.  Then I discovered the beauty of something I came to call The…
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Evaluating A Gospel Lesson – 10 Questions to Ask

After a lesson is complete, you may feel elated or even discouraged.  Evaluating your teaching is an important, often neglected, step that can help you improve as a teacher.  Evaluating your lessons is the “report” part of the Return and Report pattern taught in the temple.  Reporting, by asking questions of yourself, prayerfully consulting the Lord, speaking with another teacher or leader, or blogging experiences, can help you develop Here are…
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Scripture Tweet Worksheet

This file can be used to have students summarize For example:  “Imagine you are Enos.  What would you tweet about your experience with prayer.” or “Imagine you are one of the shepherds who saw angels at Christ’s birth.  What would you tweet?” You can even ask students to draw a picture they may have snapped to go along with the tweet.

Why Students Hate Seminary (And What Teachers Can Do About It)

Students hate Seminary for many of the same reasons they hate school.  I know I hated school, and there were times I didn’t like Seminary, either. Below are three reasons students might hate Seminary: Seminary has no point.  Students show up to a class where a teacher makes them memorize obscure scripture passages, sing silly songs made up from the books of the Bible, reads crazy long charts aloud, asks…
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Scripture People Characterization Study

I will use this handout to help my Seminary students recognize characteristics of people they encounter in their study. The document is geared to help students recognize problem-solving techniques used by the character, the results, how Jesus or Heavenly Father acted in the person’s life, and how lessons learned might help students in the future. Character Study Name: Scripture: Spouse/ Children: Age: Hometown: Occupation: Describe this person using only three…
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Teaching Technique: Removing Barriers and classroom setup

I promised to write about this lesson some time ago, but hadn’t gotten around to it. The weekend before I taught this lesson was inservice meeting. For me, the actual lesson material is easy. I don’t have any trouble reading a passage and picking out something awesome to share or have the kids discuss. What I need is “techniques”. Now I know that you’re probably reading “gimmicks” here. I don’t…
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