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We All Have Different Talents and Abilities

Singing and Sharing
Developing Talents

I am Serving in my Ward as the Activity Day Leader, but this as well as other post I have can certainly be used for FHE, YW, YM, and just plain for fun.  I just hope that this will help someone else to magnify your callings too.

I found a lesson in Gospel Principles Manual that was going to be perfect for us to help teach the idea about how developing our talents will serve our Heavenly Father.
We began our activity by teaching the principle of “Developing Talents” by discussing the following taken from the Gospel Principles Manual:

We all have special gifts, talents, and abilities given to us by our Heavenly Father. When we were born, we brought these gifts, talents, and abilities with us.

The prophet Moses was a great leader, but he needed Aaron, his brother, to help as a spokesman (Exodus 4:14–16). Some of us are leaders like Moses or good speakers like Aaron. Some of us can sing well or play an instrument. Others of us may be good in sports or able to work well with our hands. Other talents we might have are understanding others, patience, cheerfulness, or the ability to teach others.

We have a responsibility to develop the talents we have been given. Sometimes we think we do not have many talents or that other people have been blessed with more abilities than we possess. Sometimes we do not use our talents because we are afraid that we might fail or be criticized by others. We should not hide our talents. We should use them. Then others can see our good works and glorify our Heavenly Father (see Matthew 5:16).  

We also Talked about how we should appreciate other peoples talents, and how we can develop our own talents by learning from others.

Here was a cute Matt and Mandy Developing Talents Episode we shared in class.

When we use our talents we are promised blessings- we will have an increase in our talents, and be blessed.

I found this fun video on you tube and showed it to my group… Its about two missionaries that share their talents and the gospel.  It teaches that all our talents that we have or are developing, that we must use them to build up the kingdom of God.  To share our talents, to use our gifts to share the gospel and to bring people unto Christ.

We called the Primary Chorister to ask her if our Activities Day group could help her plan and teach a song to the Primary during singing time.  She was so willing to participate.

We chose to learn the ASL to Families can be Together Forever.

Families can be Together Forever
(I posted it the WMP and the MP4  …but it is also available for you to download from the above link- look to the right side and  you will find the link to download the ASL version- 
I really like this version best.) 

For some reason I could not view either on my iPad… so if you are still needing another version (American Sign language)- you should chose which works the best for your tablet, computer, group or family.  

Now we plan to teach it to our Senior and Junior Primary group.  It will be a lot of work but the girls seem to like a fun challenge. We will do this till they have their Primary Program later this year.

During our after school activity class time (if that’s what you want to call it) we will work on learning the sign language, make a little chart to help us remember what signs come when and then practice and practice. 

I hope you have fun with this- 

Gifts of the Spirit

Hopefully, this will help them make some goals as to gifts they desire and see their worth when they recognize gifts they may have and not realize. I made this list up from D&C 46 and talks by Elder Robert D. Hales, Elder Marvin J. Ashton and Sister Julie B. Beck along with the manual. The highlighted gifts are those that are considered necessary for all to obtain in order…
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Dip into your potential!

Object Lesson

We may start out as a neat individual (bare string) but for every trial we overcome (wax)(Everytime they say some trial the overcome or they overcame a fear they can dip their string into the wax making them a well rounded person with many talents! Then as they countinue to gather these talents and overcome these fear and obstacles that turn into talents they can let their light so shine!…
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Every part is important

Object Lesson

I’m sure everyone knows what this is. Yes, it is a ballpoint pen. What do you think the most important part of this pen is? Many of you said the “ink”, that is a common answer. Let’s see how useful this ballpoint pen is. I need someone to volunteer to write with this pen, and see if it works properly. Let several kids try to use the pen. They will…
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Serve God

Object Lesson

Have a volunteer come up and put his/her arm in a sling then stand there while you give the rest of the object lesson. Ask the group or volunteer: What would happen to your arm if you left it in this sling and didn’t use it for a year? Listen to all comments and weave them into the rest of your presentation. Here is the direct quote from President Gordon…
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Talent Meal

Object Lesson

Design the menu so that it would really be difficult eating with only one kind of utensil. The discussion during this meal would focus on talents. Everyone has different talents and gifts. All are valualable at one time or another and we should use and share our talents and acknowledge that they are valuable. A spoon may not seem too important but sometimes you need a spoon, and only a…
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