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Levite Tabernacle Offerings Handout

Okay — the lesson for Leviticus 1 seemed pretty boring. Even really boring. And I just didn’t want to cover all that blood and such in class because I have a tendency to faint, so instead, I made this handout based on the chart in the Institute Manual pps 162-3 and the 5 points in the Seminary lesson manual. To use this, each student will need one handout (Tabernacle Offering.pdf)…
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Moses: The Movie .. and the Tabernacle

After this blog entry I’ll be all caught up! Monday and Tuesday we spent reviewing what we’ve learned so far on Moses and making movies. The kids wrote out their scriptures which had to include: some scripture languagea power phrase (pretty much all of them forgot this) and had to be finished TODAY Last time our movies took forever, and I told them we could not have that again. The…
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