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{Sharing Time} When I serve my family, I serve God

I love this topic and I try and teach my boys how to serve each other. And I wanted to add a game to the Sunday Box about service so here you go! Service Cranium…. this is sort of like the normal game but with my own twists.

How to play:
This is a cooperative play, there are no winners or losers. begin by spinning whichever color
it lands on that’s the color they move to. They then choose a number in that color (1-4), give
them that card and whichever color it is that is how they try and have their team/everyone
guess what’s on the card. When that number and color have been picked cover/x it so it
can’t be picked again.
For the yellow section, you choose, add your own cards by filling out the blank card or
letting the kids pick from the other colors which one they’d like to do and use the yellow

Game includes:
A game board (16×16 when assembled)
A spinner and arrow (you will need a brad)
4 cards with things to do for each section (Charades, Draw, Say it Silly, and You Choose!)
blank cards to create your own and add more ways to serve each other each time you play or make it a little more challenging for youth by asking questions!
x’s to mark off your numbers (print this page twice so you have enough for each space)

I’ve also included some ideas to help the kids if they get stuck on the drawing part, ideas for how to say it silly, and prop ideas you can bring for the younger kids.


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