Sun 2

This black and white image, Sun 2, was donated by the artist, Chris Gunn. Click to read more about Chris.



This black and white image, Sunbeam, was donated by the artist, Chris Gunn. Click to read more about Chris.


Sunbeam Class Introduction Gift

Brindy A. shared these cute magnets. She says, “These are magnets I made for my sunbeams at the first of the year for ‘Meet Your Teacher’ day. These can be used for birthdays or whatever. I have pink for girls and blue for boys. I used the clear flat rocks (found at craft stores). I […]


Father’s Day / Missionary Tie Card

This is a template for the Father’s Day Tie Card, sometimes called the Shirt and Tie Card. INSTRUCTIONS: 1) Print the template — any weight or color of paper is fine. The borders will not be visible if you print from the PDF (recommended). If you are printing the PDF version and the borders show, […]

LDS Handout

Primary 1: Lesson 11

Andrea S. created this series of Primary handouts to accompany the Sunbeam/Nursery lessons in manual 1. She says, “I have been making these for my sunbeam classes every week. … I gave each child a folder and put sheet protectors with this weeks lesson that the kids colored. It has the title of the lesson, […]

LDS Handout


this is a coloring page I used with the song Nephis Courage from the childrens song book that I taught to my sunbeams. we talked about the song and how Nephi obeyed not knowing all the answers ahead of time. Then we read the scripture and added the lesson from the manual as well.