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Build A Temple Paper Puzzle

Downloaded from: http://primarynotes29.blogspot.com/2013/07/build-temple-paper-puzzle.html (say the title of this post 10 times fast.  heehee)We built this Temple (Salt Lake) in our Primary as part of the Families Can be Together Forever monthly theme. We sang “I Love to See the Temple” while we assembled the Temple and “Families Can Be Together Forever” during the singing meter board.In making this Temple visual aid I learned that my chalkboard is 4 papers tall…
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Building A Family Tree

Downloaded from: http://primarynotes29.blogspot.com/2013/07/building-family-tree.html I had and idea to build a family tree. Then I saw the idea to build a family tree on Sunbeam Singing. Her family pictures work great for this! Draw a tree on the board and build the family tree with the pictures found on her blog. *Or, instead of a Tree, build the family on a drawing of a Temple. *Extra – each picture comes with…
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Recognizing The Worth Of Family Members

Downloaded from: http://primarynotes29.blogspot.com/2013/07/recognizing-worth-of-family-members.html Staci on the LDS Primary Choristers Facebook Group had an idea to pass around pictures of family members. Have the piano playing and stop. When the pianist stops call out the name of a family member (Mom, Dad, Brother, Sister, whoever). Whoever has that family member then say something nice about that family member.

My Family Is My Family

Downloaded from: http://primarynotes29.blogspot.com/2013/07/my-family-is-my-family.html image from LDS Image LibraryUse children to assemble a “family”. Have them hold signs that say Mom, Dad, Sister, Brother. Sing Here We Are Together. Beforehand, assemble “families”, makes piles containing signs for each family member.A child chooses a pile. Hand them a sign then invite other children to hold the other signs in that “family”. Sing. Repeat. Examples: Large Family – “♪ there’s Father & Mother…
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Help The Family Get Sealed Game

Downloaded from: http://primarynotes29.blogspot.com/2013/07/help-family-get-sealed-game.html image from LDS Image LibraryFIRST – Create a Game Board. Either on posterboard, on the chalkboard, or with “spaces” on the ground.  The Game Board ends at a picture of a Temple. SECOND – Create the Game Pieces. Either with paper/cardboard that can be taped and moved around a posterboard or chalkboard, or use children as game pieces (put hats on them so they know who they…
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Eternal Ring

Downloaded from: http://primarynotes29.blogspot.com/2013/07/eternal-ring.html Explain to the children that a wedding band is a symbol of eternity because it goes around and around with no beginning and no end. The kind of marriage they want is the kind like this ring. An eternal one – one that does not end. The kind of marriage you can only get with a Temple marriage. ——————————– UPDATE: This takes 30 seconds to explain to…
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Eternal Mirrors

Downloaded from: http://primarynotes29.blogspot.com/2013/07/eternal-mirrors.html Hold a mirror. Have a Teacher hold a mirror opposite of you, facing you. Have a child stand between both of you. Have them look in one of the mirrors. What can they see? Can they see their reflection going on forever? Tell them to imagine their family members standing with them. Tell them to imagine the family members who have come before them. Tell them to…
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Families Can Be Together Forever Lesson Plan

Downloaded from: http://primarynotes29.blogspot.com/2013/07/families-can-be-together-forever-lesson.html *I will be doing this for the full 50 minutes…1.  LESSON:- “Sealed” Lesson: figures and temple pic in ziplock bag– Eternal Ring: A wedding band is a symbol of Eternity because a ring goes in a circle and never ends. The kind of marriage they want is kind of like this ring. An eternal one – one that does not end. The kind of marriage you can…
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Families Can Be Sealed For Eternity

Downloaded from: http://primarynotes29.blogspot.com/2013/07/families-can-be-sealed-for-eternity.html picture from LDS image Library Show family figurines. Explain that these people are a family.Put all of the people in the bag with the temple picture on it.Seal the bag – make a big deal of “sealing” it.Turn the bag upside down and show how the people all stay together inside the bag.Explain that through Temple marriage our families can be sealed together and can be together…
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Pioneers / Family History

Downloaded from: http://primarynotes29.blogspot.com/2013/06/pioneers-family-history.html picture from LDS image library*I want to tie the July 2013 song Families Can Be Together Forever and Pioneer Day (July 24, in Utah) together with the song Genealogy. ***Apparently I am old (?, barely 30s here) and the words and the title of the song Genealogy have been changed to: Family History, I Am Doing It. ———– Opening song: Families Can Be Together Forever Read/Write on Board:D&C 2:2…
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Family Vacation!

Downloaded from: http://primarynotes29.blogspot.com/2013/06/family-vacation.html image sourceTo go with the July 2013 song, go on a “Family Vacation”. I want to do this the 2nd week in July, when the outline talks things you can do as a family. ONE WAY – Pack items that represent songs to sing.IE: scriptures (Book of Mormon Stories), picture of child praying (Child’s Prayer, Pray In Faith, ), board game (Family Night, The Family), go for…
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