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Jesus Christ Family History Skit

Shared by Kristina M: “We did an activity focused on Family History, but we decided to do it with a twist.  The kids practiced and then acted out the “Family History Tree of Jesus.”  It was fun for the kids to learn stories from the Old and New Testament – but to make the connection that all those stories have to do with Jesus’ Family Tree made an impact. It…
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Up Skit for New Beginnings by Catherine W

Catherine W shared this great idea for New Beginnings! “This is a skit for New Beginnings that uses the Disney movie “UP” as a motif. The skit explains the Young Women’s program and shows how each of the YW values correlate with phrases from the “Press Forward” 2016 youth theme: 2 Nephi 31:20. “The skit is set in a “Wilderness Explorer” meeting, so most of the YW would wear simple…
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Women at Christ’s Birth Skit

By: Judith Hoopes Hamilton, Hello, I’m excited to tell you that I know who wrote the program about the Women at Christ’s birth. The writer was a women named Judith Hoopes Hamilton, it was first presented on December 1, 1973, in Chandler, Arizona. Here is an introduction in her own words: I have written these stories as part of a lesson given to my sisters near Christmas time to help…
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Wilford Woodruff Mission to England Reader’s Theater

I used this document when teaching the Establishment of Nauvoo lesson and D&C 124-127.   Both the PDF and ODT version include name tags and the text to include in the letter. —— Wilford Woodruff (speaking to himself): Whew. That’s the second sermon I have preached today. After the meeting this evening I would assume that nearly one thousand people will have heard the Lord’s message today. Clergyman (standing on the…
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Relief SOLE-ciety Skit

This humorous skit has been performed in units all over the Salt Lake Valley in recent years. According to LDSTeach.com this skit was written by Laurel Hart and was orginially presented at a Stake Visiting Teaching Workshop, in Provo, UT, USA, 1984. This skit is sometimes also called the Shoe Skit because it has so many shoe-related puns in it. SCENE: The Relief Sole-Ciety Shoe Store. A sign bearing the…
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Celestial Visiting Teaching Skit

This light-hearted skit was performed by our stake leaders as part of a Stake Leadership Training. The author, Mary C., gave our Relief Society president a copy, who then gave it to me. Basically, 3 sisters act out short parts as Telestial, Terrestrial, and Celestial Visiting Teachers. Hilarious! Can be done with as few as 3 people, up to as many as you want. Requires very few props and no…
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Shawna’s Young Women Values Pageant Skit

Shawna W. submitted this updated version of the Young Women Values Pageant Skit for New Beginnings. She says : “Last year, I downloaded the Values Pageant to use for our ward’s New Beginnings program. I agree with you that it’s a classic. I remember my ward performing it when I was a Beehive! However, when I read through the script again, it seemed markedly outdated–so much so that I was…
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