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{Primary} Primary Helper Sticks

By [email protected] (Sheena Perron) Sometimes it is hard choosing your helpers during Sharing Time. Especially when you say, “I’m only going to pick children that are being reverent.” And... Read More

{Sharing Time} Remembering Jesus Christ Helps Me Choose the Right

By [email protected] (Sheena Perron) Sharing Time Idea from the 2014 OutlineIDENTIFY THE DOCTRINE(listening to scriptures): Invite the children to close their eyes and imagine what life would be lik... Read More

{Sharing Time} The Sacrament is a Time to Remember Jesus Christ.

By [email protected] (Sheena Perron) ENCOURAGE UNDERSTANDING(matching scriptures with pictures): Write the following scripture references on the board:I have come a long way from the original Punch-... Read More