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Turkey Tail Game Report

By Elaine Henson Elaine Henson: Thanks for the Turkey Tail Feather SM Game idea! My kids loved it, it became a bit of a race, all of them charging down the corridor to find the right feather first. They have all got so good at their Scripture Masteries! And I had fun creating my cute Turkey ;) It is hard thinking of new things to do to keep SM interesting…
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How do you do a Turkey Shoot?

By Ricki Martin Ricki Martin: I know several of you have done Scripture mastery games using Nerf dart guns. Some called it a turkey shoot etc. I’m wanting to do this on Wednesday in my class but I’m a little fuzzy about the logistics and how the rules work. Can anybody help me out? My brain is tired! 2(4 hours ago) Sharon Prescott Haynie: I bought some paper plates with…
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Played Disney headbands

By Cathy Borchardt Cathy Borchardt : Played Disney headbands with the ears and everything today with apostles. It was hysterical! they all wanted a turn! It amazed me how much they knew from just a few weeks of playing games to familiarize them with the apostles! They know ALOT!! 10 (1 day ago) Tati Stowers : Please describe (1 day ago) 4 Lauren Campbell Shepley : Following (1 day ago)…
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Book of Mormon Review Quiz 1: Introduction to Enos

I used this review quiz to help students remember some of the things we’ve learned since the beginning of the year and so we can have a little fun during March Madness.  There are 20 questions dealing with the Title Page to the Book of Mormon plus others.  Some of these might not help you because it’s stuff we talked about in class, not things that were necessarily in the…
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