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Simple Meals Using Only Items from the Bishop’s Storehouse

Simple Meals Using Bishop's Storehouse items.

This list of simple meals that use only items from the Bishop’s Storehouse was created and shared by Marsali Crowther. Breakfasts Pancakes/waffles, syrup Various cereals, milk Oatmeal, brown sugar, syrup, raisins Yogurt Fresh fruit Parfait (yogurt, granola, sliced fruit) Canned peaches, pears or applesauce French toast (bread, eggs, milk, cinnamon), syrup Cheese Scrambled Eggs (eggs, cheese, seasonal vegetables, ketchup or salsa) Hard boiled eggs Toast, butter, Jam or Honey Fried…
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Come Follow Me Resources: Why is it important for me to gain an education and develop skills?

I have not been consistent in the past few months of creating Come, Follow Me handouts, but I’m changing that (and next year: watch out!). The topic of self-reliance seems sort of out of place with such BIG doctrinal topics, but as I’ve studied it more…

Family Budget with Expense Record

Family Budget with Early-Payoff Loan Calculator This family budget also serves as an expense-tracking record, based on the popular “envelope” method for tracking finances: allocate a budgeted amount for a category at the beginning of the month and watch how the spreadsheet updates the “amount remaining” column with each added expense.  donated from buildzion.com

Lesson 11 – Handout and Quiz

This lesson outline was submitted by Angela H to accompany YW Manual 1 Lesson 11: Growing and Maturing in Self-reliance, Part 1. It has a handout along with a self-assessment quiz about self-reliance that might be useful in a Seminary or RS lesson. Angela says: “The first page is in portrait layout and the second page is in landscape, so that the quiz would fit. If you copy the page…
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Manual 1 – Lessons 11 & 12

This handout was submitted by Shannon J. to accompany YW Manual 1 Lesson 11: Growing and Maturing in Self-Reliance Part 1 and YW Manual 1 Lesson 12: Growing and Maturing in Self-Reliance Part 2. Shannon suggests that you “Print out the attached handout and tie to a small pack of ‘Peeps’ marshmallow candies for each girl. Peeps are easy to find since it’s Easter Time, and I found 3-packs for…
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