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Seeds of Testimony Handout

This handout was submitted by Shannon J. to accompany Manual 1 Lesson 26: Testimony. Simply glue an inexpensive packet of seeds to the handout where indicated for an adorable handout! Shannon says: “You could then challenge the girls at the end of the lesson to go home and plant the seeds and as they water and nurture and watch the seeds grow to remember to make just as much effort…
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Seed planting handout

I’ve attached a clipart image that I cut/cropped/pasted using limited software I have. It goes along with the lesson in the Primary Manual 1 I am a Child a God Lesson 10 “I am thankful for Trees, Plants, and Flowers”. I am using it for the enrichment activity of planting a seed in cup. The clipart is supposed to wrap around the cup. Now, where I got the actual image…
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