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2016 Scripture Reading Chart – Includes Leap Day

Here is the ever popular Mormon Share scripture reading chart, updated for 2016. Includes Leap Day (Feb 29). This year I added a new, kind of stretched out version that I’m calling “big”.  It fills up the paper more when printed. Also, I learned a new trick in Illustrator, and I’ve outputted the JPG in a higher resolution than in years past.  You should be able to print the JPG…
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2014 Scripture Reading Chart

Here is the 2014 scripture reading chart reading “I have read the scriptures every day in 2014”!  Enjoy! With or without scripture image.   Also available as a plain 2 per page version.  

Book of Mormon Reading to Lesson Correlation Chart for Home Study Seminary Students

As you know, the suggested Seminary assignments for home study Seminary students is not an easy schedule to keep.  Each day students are expected to read vastly different amounts of material, which can lead students to be frustrated that they can not allocate a given amount of time to seminary activities at home, and they may quit the program all together.  This chart is intended to help home study teachers…
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2013 Scripture Reading Chart

I’ve gotten two requests for the 2013 scripture reading chart, so I guess it’s time to buckle down and make a new one. Here it is, ready for 2013. I’ve added a new version with two charts per page. Please comment below if you’re going to use it so that I know if it’s worth making again next year.

Jenny’s Old Testament Reading Schedule Pacing Guide

This is the pacing guide, or reading schedule that I am using for my Seminary class. In my class, I ask the kids to read the material before class and then we discuss it. This isn’t the typical way, I know. I’m posting what I did here in case it helps home study students or teachers to see one way to break up the reading assignments. While I do not…
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