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YW Sisters at the Virtue Deli – New Beginnings Script

Fran Stucki wrote this script that uses a giant object lesson, a 6 foot sub sandwich, to teach Young Women values from For the Strength of Youth. Here’s what Fran says: “This is a New Beginnings Program specifically for 2007. It is a take on the theme (Let virtue garnish thy thoughts…) It is a Cooking Demonstration Show set at the Virtue Deli. It is presented by the YW Sisters….
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Keeping Christ in Christmas

We made up this skit for Super Saturday 2009 followed by a Christmas song. The skit reminds us in a humorous way of the things we can do to keep Christ in Christmas. A lot of people in our area are bilingual so the “mas”at the beginning of the play goes in Christmas. You can insert names of people in your ward to personalize it.

New Beginnings Court

Jen F. shared this cute script for a new beginnings court trial. Basically each girl is brought up to “testify” of some of her experiences living the gospel and young women’s values. This is a good way to get to know the girls, spotlight the good things they’re doing, and makes for an fun activity. I think this would also make a great standards night and could be altered to…
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