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{Sharing Time} The Sacrament is a Time to Remember Jesus Christ.

By [email protected] (Sheena Perron) ENCOURAGE UNDERSTANDING(matching scriptures with pictures): Write the following scripture references on the board:I have come a long way from the original Punch-A-Box I first created…the Punch-A-Boxes I now use are simple (which is wonderful!). Using a foam board, hot glue the number of plastic cups needed.For this idea you will need 5 cups. You could throw in a few extra cups and add some scenarios of…
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Thinking of Jesus Christ during the Sacrament

Sing “Before I Take the Sacrament” (CS, p. 73). Show a picture of the Last Supper and explain that just before His Crucifixion, Jesus gave His Apostles the sacrament so that they would have a way to always remember Him and His sacrifice and so that they could have His Spirit to be with them. The sacrament is such an important ordinance that during a solemn assembly in the temple,…
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Object Lesson

Person leading the discussion places a piece of string on the front of their clothing. It should be obviously noticeable.( a color that stands out) Then they begin to talk about what reverence is. After a couple of minutes they ask if anyone noticed the string and if it was distracting. Begin by having a brief discussion on reverence. Help your students understand that if something as little as a…
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