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Sabbath Day Women Lesson Idea

I attended a great lesson on keeping the Sabbath Day holy, and afterwards asked the teacher for copy of her lesson.  I am publishing here just the attention-getter she used. On the board, she put up signs with the names of 5 imaginary women, who represent how we may treat the Sabbath day.  She described each of the women briefly, while asking us to think about our own activities on…
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Thinking of Jesus Christ during the Sacrament

Sing “Before I Take the Sacrament” (CS, p. 73). Show a picture of the Last Supper and explain that just before His Crucifixion, Jesus gave His Apostles the sacrament so that they would have a way to always remember Him and His sacrifice and so that they could have His Spirit to be with them. The sacrament is such an important ordinance that during a solemn assembly in the temple,…
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Reverence and keeping the Sabbath day holy strengthen my family

Primary Talks

Tina’s brown eyes flashed as she rechecked her duffle bag, making certain she had everything she would need on the vacation. “Is everyone ready?” Dad asked. “It’s time to go.” Soon the car was crammed with luggage and camping gear. Tina saw a suitcase next to the cooler chest. Surrounded by beach towels and sleeping bags, the suitcase looked out of place. Suitcases were for dressy clothes, and dressy clothes…
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