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Making Tough Choices

This is a summarized version of 5 points in Marion G. Romney’s article “What Would Jesus Do? New Era, Sept. 1972, pp. 4-6. HOW TO FOLLOW THE SAVIOR WHEN MAKING TOUGH CHOICES 1. Search the scriptures. 2. Honestly face the challenge or question with a sincere desire to solve it as Jesus would solve it. 3. Through study and prayer, weigh alternatives based on what you know of gospel principles….
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Be True Clear Through

Object Lesson

Tell the class you’ve brought some special treats for them to enjoy, but want them to carefully observe (with their spiritual eyes) each object as it is cut open. Invite a volunteer to come forward. Have them cut the hollow chocolate candy. Observations made by the students could include: Many things seem good on the outside but are hollow and empty inside. (or Some activities seem fun but leave you…
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