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How to Stand Strong

Created by Ashley C. to accompany Manual 1 Lesson 35, this black and white image of the Houston Temple has the following text overlaid on it: How to Stand Strong Prayer – ask for specific help Scripture study – find answers, feel peace Attend your meetings – church, FHE, mutual Strength in numbers – be with good friends Listen for the promptings of the Holy Ghost Listen to the Prophet…
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Heavenly Father blesses righteous families in the scriptures

Primary Talks

Many years after the Great Flood, the descendants of Noah had multiplied and prospered greatly. They built cities, tilled the land, and became very wealthy. Most of them became wicked and idolatrous and forgot that it was the Lord who had spared their fathers. Some of them decided to build a high tower, which they believed would reach the heavens. The Lord was angry with their behavior, and He confused…
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Want some cake?

Object Lesson

Bring in a beautifully baked cake into class. Ask the students if they would like a piece of the cake. Choose someone that says yes and with your hand grab out a piece of cake and slap it down on a plate and hand it to them. Of course, they will be shocked. Use this to show that the gospel is more attractive depending on how it is served. Then…
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