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{Sharing Time} Prayer is Reverent Communication With Heavenly Father

By [email protected] (Sheena Perron) IDENTIFY THE DOCTRINE(identifying objects and pictures): Before Primary, gather or draw pictures of things people use to communicate (such as a letter, a telephone, or a computer), and hide the pictures beneath a few of the chairs in the Primary room. Ask the children to imagine they are far from home and need to communicate with their family. Have them look under their chairs for the…
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{Sharing Time} I Can Show Respect For The Savior By Being Reverent

Downloaded from: http://littleldsideas.blogspot.com/2014/03/sharing-time-i-can-show-respect-for.html Sharing Time Ideas the 2014 Primary OutlineENCOURAGE UNDERSTANDING (seeing pictures): Show pictures of sacred places, such as the Garden of Gethsemane, Jesus’s tomb, the Sacred Grove, a temple, and a meetinghouse. As you show each picture, ask: “Why is this place sacred or special? How would you behave if you were there?” Discuss what reverence is and how reverent actions show our love and respect for the Savior….
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{Family Home Evening} Reverence

Downloaded from: http://littleldsideas.blogspot.com/2014/01/family-home-evening-reverence.html Question…does anyone else feel like their row is the loudest row on Sunday?I don’t know what is going on, but my children have been going crazy lately, and I’m my husband is going crazy trying to keep them quiet (I’m usually in the Mother’s room with my sweet baby girl, sorry honey!).Last night we decided to have an FHE on reverence. This was a very last minute idea,…
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Brigham Bucks

Brigham Bucks is the Seminary incentive program used by Seminary Mom, but you can use them for Seminary, Primary reverence incentives, youth activities, and much more.  Last year I used tickets for our March Madness auction, but this year I am using these bucks because tickets are just too expensive for my class of 16.  I’m hoping to laminate and reuse these Brigham Bucks next year. The image of Brother…
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