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{Sharing Time} May Week 2

With 5 weeks this month, I hope some of you might be able to use this! I forgot to publish before I went off for the weekend.

Encourage understanding: Gather pictures of events from the Restoration of the Church. Divide the sentence “Joseph Smith is the prophet of the Restoration” into as many sections as you have pictures, and prepare a wordstrip for each word or phrase (see example). Divide the children into groups, and give each group one of the wordstrips, a picture, and a scripture reference that describes what is happening in the picture. Ask the children to read the scriptures and discuss what is happening in the picture. Then have each group share their story with the rest of the Primary. Discuss Joseph Smith’s role in each event, and have the children think about how the event has affected or can affect their lives. Place each picture and wordstrip on the board in order. After all of the wordstrips are on the board, read the sentence together.

When Jesus Christ was on the earth He taught His gospel. He taught faith, repentance, baptism by immersion, and the gift of the Holy Ghost. He gave His Apostles His authority, which is the priesthood of God. The Church of Jesus Christ was on the earth. After Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection, His Apostles went forth to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ, but many people rejected them. The Church of Jesus Christ and the priesthood were taken from the earth for hundreds of years. In 1820, young Joseph Smith was reading in James in the New Testament. He read, “If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God” (James 1:5). Joseph wanted to know which church to join. He decided to do what the scripture said. Joseph went to a grove of trees one spring morning and knelt in prayer to ask of God. As he was praying, a bright light descended. In that light stood two glorious heavenly beings: Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus Christ. Joseph asked Them which church he should join. 
Jesus Christ told Joseph to join none of the churches. Three years later, Joseph was visited by the angel Moroni, who taught him about the Book of Mormon and showed him where the golden plates were buried. John the Baptist and the Apostles Peter, James, and John came to earth to ordain Joseph Smith to the priesthood of God. The priesthood was once again on the earth. The true Church was restored—or brought back—to the earth. We are blessed to have the restored Church on the earth. (source)

The outline idea is a perfect way to engage the Senior Primary. Maybe add some sticky darts to make it a touch more engaging and you’re good to go. You could also do a matching game or a matching halves. You can download all the GAK pictures here.

But for the younger kiddos, I found this fun “Seek and Find” of Joseph Smith in the Friend and I thought it would be perfect so I blew it up for all the kids to see and have created a b/w version for cheaper printing.
As the kids find each item you can talk about each and how it attributed to the restoration of the Church and how Joseph Smith played a part.

You’ll be searching for:

Gold plates (the word of the Lord) 
Kirtland Temple (temple work) 
Sacrament tray (remembering Jesus Christ)
 Missionary name tag (missionary work) 
Baptismal font (covenanting with the Lord) 
Keys (the priesthood) 
Dove (the Holy Ghost)

Engineering Print (18×24)



{Sharing Time} May Week 1

Introduce the doctrine: Before Primary, write the sixth article of faith on the board. Ask the children to close their eyes. Tell them that after Jesus Christ died, the people became wicked and His gospel and priesthood were taken from the earth. Explain that this was called the Apostasy, and the people were in spiritual darkness—like having their eyes closed spiritually—until Jesus restored His Church through Joseph Smith. Hold up a picture of the First Vision, and tell the children to open their eyes. Help the children memorize the sixth article of faith by having them read it out loud together. Erase several words, and repeat until all of the words have been erased and the children have memorized the article of faith.

Encourage understanding: Make wordstrips for each of the duties in the chart shown below. Write the titles of the offices on the board as shown, and leave a blank column in the middle to represent the duties. Divide the children into five groups, and give each group one of the “Duties” wordstrips. Invite each group to place their wordstrip in the correct place on the board. Point out that the restored Church has the same kinds of leaders as the Church when Jesus Christ was on the earth.

Be sure to download the little ADORABLE finger puppets of the primitive and restored churches from LDS.org. 

Be sure to check out Sheena over at Little LDS Ideas, she has given a few ideas for using these little puppets.
This little church is how I learned about the Restoration when I was little. I’m not exactly sure what manual it’s in but it’s awesome!

Here’s some ways to use it:
1)  Create a puzzle and cut out each section, separate Primary into groups and have them make the puzzle again
2) Have one poster up on the board and have a child come up and pick one of the phrases to put onto the Church then discuss.

Both sizes include a page with the words and one without depending on how you use it. And a list of the words for each size.



Restoration Puzzle

Restoration Jigsaw Puzzle

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Dispensation of the Fullness of Times

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Link: A Light Shall Break Forth: Talks from the 2005 BYU Women’s Conference

By Amy Jones Griffeth Amy Jones Griffeth : I was sitting in the waiting room at a doctor’s office yesterday so I pulled out my nook and decided to read through some of the talks in this book. So many great talks about Joseph Smith, the restoration and prophets. I realized a few new things while reading them. So, if you don’t have this book – ask around maybe somebody…
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James 1-2, “Doers” Just Do!

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2 Thessalonians 1-3, Apostasy And Restoration: Don’T Fall Away Today!

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Come Follow Me Reading Assignment Sheet – Aaronic Priesthood- May – Prophets

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