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Restoration Puzzle

Restoration Jigsaw Puzzle

I made these puzzles for lesson 6 in the Primary 3 manual, “The Restoration”. Completed, it shows the church in Christ’s time, and in Our time. Apart, it shows some bits and pieces of the gospel that other churches have. (And others that were taken away completely.) I used it as I taught the lesson, and I also made one on card stock for each child to put together in…
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kids on fence

You’re an integral piece of our Primary! Please join us for a Primary Board meeting from 3:30-4:30pm in the Primary room next Sunday. Would you please prepare to share an experience, a question, a short vignette of a child. Let’s learn together how to strengthen our children and help them come unto Christ. Thanks for all you are and do for the children. Childcare can be arranged and there will…
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Word of Wisdom Crossword Puzzle

Amanda B. created this Word of Wisdom crossword puzzle to go with Manual 1, Lesson 47. Open the .xls file to see the answer key. If you don’t have Microsoft Office or Microsoft Excel, download Open Office to open this file. (Instructions below,) 1 page, 8.5 x 11 inches, black and white. Below are the clues, or click to get the printable clue sheet. Word of Wisdom Crossword Clues Across:…
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