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Problem Solving Handout

This great handout was submitted by Katrina J. It has several ideas on how to solve problems from Mary Ellen Smoot. The handout is one page, 8 1/2 x 11, black and white. 3 handouts per page. Four suggestions for problem-solving (D&C 58:27-29) Mary Ellen W. Smoot Former R.S. General President 1. Consider where you are headed “When faced with a problem, search your soul to see if your present…
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You can’t change all your bad habits at once

Object Lesson

Hold in your hand five or six small balls or other small items, and tell the class that these represent a handful of weaknesses (our leader wrote names of some bad habits on paper and wrapped them around spools of thread like procrastination, lying, profanity, sleeping in, eating unhealthy foods). Select a student and ask him/her to try to overcome these weaknesses by catching them. Then throw the balls to…
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