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Alma 36-40: The Epistles Of Alma- Principles Of Parenting

Downloaded from: http://ldsscriptureteachings.org/2014/02/24/alma-36-42-the-epistles-of-alma-principles-of-parenting/ In Alma 36-42 we read the advice of Alma to his sons Helaman (Alma 36-37), Shiblon (Alma 38), and Corianton (Alma 39-42). These chapters are an excellent source of information to those who want to practice principles of effective parenting. … Continue reading →

Alma 43 Standing For Truth

Downloaded from: http://ldsscriptureteachings.org/2014/01/29/alma-43-standing-for-truth/ Standing for Truth Alma 43 starts with the conflict in 74 B.C. between the Lamanites and the Nephites where many of the Zoramites defect to the Lamanite side. We read in Alma 43:8-9 the difference between the goals of the … Continue reading →

Alma 1-3

Downloaded from: http://ldsscriptureteachings.org/2014/01/16/alma-1-3/ There is quite a bit going on in Alma 1-3. We are introduced to our second visible anti-Christ, as Nehor enters the stage (Sherem was the first- see Jacob 7). Following his death we read how the Nephites were able … Continue reading →

Mosiah 29

Downloaded from: http://ldsscriptureteachings.org/2014/01/14/mosiah-29/ I appreciate the discussion Mosiah sets forth in Mosiah 29 regarding government, responsibility, and his opinion regarding kings and how they tend to limit liberty. In Mosiah 29:13 we read what I would term a fascinating verse: Therefore, if it … Continue reading →

Enos – My Soul Hungered

Downloaded from: http://ldsscriptureteachings.org/2013/11/25/enos-my-soul-hungered/ Enos had a struggle to know the Lord. Many people today do as well. I believe a key to gaining a testimony of Jesus Christ and the Restoration is to want to know the truth, as well as have an … Continue reading →

1 Nephi 11-14, The Lamb Of God And The Giving Tree

Downloaded from: http://brosimonsays.wordpress.com/2013/09/19/1-nephi-11-14-the-lamb-of-god-and-the-giving-tree/ Today’s lesson was a continuation of the previous one, “1 Nephi 10-11, God’s Lamb is Given“. In that lesson the students seemed to really be interested in the SNellFour-Sacrificial Lamb-Savior principle, so I decided to continue with that pattern in today’s lesson while supplementing it with a lot of the other information that is found in […]

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