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{Primary} Teacher Birthday Gifts

When I served in the Primary Presidency several years ago the President found ‘coupons’ to give to the teachers on their birthday.
The coupons were for a ‘Sunday Off’ so that they could go to Relief Society/Priesthood.

Well, I’m back in Primary and asked the President if we could do something similar for our wonderful teachers.
Today I would like to share what I created for our teachers.

{Primary} Teacher Birthday Gifts

I began by searching for ideas on Pinterest (gotta love Pinterest!). I was on the search for Birthday Gift ideas for the teachers as well as ‘Thank You’ ideas for substitutes (post & printables to come soon).
As I was scrolling through Pinterest I came across a cute printable (found HERE) for a Kit Kat bar. The printable was for school teachers and it wrapped around the entire bar, but I liked the phrase on the printable ‘You Deserve a Break’.

I decided to use the ‘Kit Kat’ idea along with the coupon for our gifts.

{Primary} Teacher Birthday Gifts

I saw a few different versions of the ‘coupon’ on Pinterest, here is one teacher appreciation coupon on Sugardoodle. I decided to change a few things, so I got to work creating my own coupon and a tag for the Kit Kat.

Here is the finished product! What do you think?
{Primary} Teacher Birthday Gifts

I had some clear plastic boxes that I thought would work great. I decided to use the Kit Kat miniatures and added a few to the box and then wrapped the box with some twine (ribbon or string would work great too). I punched a hole in the ‘Need a Break’ tag and tied that on to the string. Then I slipped the coupon underneath the string.

You could also buy the full size candy bars and place the coupon on top and tie some string/ribbon around it and add the tag.
No matter what you do I’m sure your Primary teachers will love it! Because who wouldn’t like chocolate and a Sunday off?!?

Today I am sharing my Teacher Coupon Printables with you!
Just click the links below to download & print.

And to all you amazing primary teachers out there…Thank you for all you do.

 “No greater responsibility can rest upon any man [or woman],

than to be a teacher of God’s Children.”

{Pres. David O. McKay}

You may feel like your calling isn’t as great or as important as some other callings, but I think yours is the greatest. :)

Thanks so much for stopping by. Have a wonderful day! 

{Primary} Teacher Birthday Gifts

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