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New Testament Seminary Lesson Plan / Pacing Guide with Preach My Gospel

This is a file from Linda D, a seminary teacher will nearly two decades of experience. She’s something of a legend around here in the Northern Virginia area. This is a 36-week pacing guide she made that incorporates Preach My Gospel along with the scriptures from the New Testament. It’s amazing. I don’t know for sure, but it looks like this reading chart has been loosely arranged by the order…
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Plan of Salvation Bookmark

  I really wanted to give a visual to the girls that they could reference different scriptures about the plan of salvation.I decided to get a little head start for the month by making this Plan of Salvation bookmark.It is all based from Preach my Gospel. I made it to have two sides— The picture diagram being the front, and the scripture references to be the back. Feel free to use for the…
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