Come Follow Me: The Plan of Salvation Handouts | Free Download

My FAVORITE gospel topic to study is the Plan of Salvation, because it encompasses EVERY other element of the gospel and makes everything so clear. And there’s always something new to learn from it, no matter how young or old!



I’m hoping to start creating more handouts to correspond with Come Follow Me lessons, and so to start out with I have a batch for The Plan of Salvation—specifically for the lesson “What is the purpose of life?” because that’s the topic I’m teaching later this month—but they would likely prove useful in other lessons as well.


First is a basic illustration of God’s plan of happiness, including the premortal life, mortal life (with the necessity of temple ordinances and the atonement), the spirit world, resurrection, judgment, and the three kingdoms (including the three degrees within the Celestial kingdom). Along the bottom is Moses 1:39.


Next, I have an acrostic poem which offers a different perspective on the purpose of life, with each letter outlining something we need to obtain or achieve in order to reach our ultimate purpose.


I also have this quote from Elder Gary E. Stevenson’s talk Your Four Minutes, likening the plan of salvation to a race, with the prize being Eternal Life.


And finally an excellent quote from Uchtdorf’s Your Happily Ever After talk to young women.


All the files can be downloaded at this link. I have JPG image files, and PDF files with four to a page.


At this point I still don’t know which handouts I’ll even be using, so I guess I’ll have to rely on the Spirit!