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Helping the Martin Handcart Company across the Sweetwater River by Clark Kelley Price

On 28 July 1856 a handcart company under the leadership of Edward Martin left Iowa City, Iowa, and started across the plains to the Salt Lake Valley. By October, cold weather and snow caught them in the mountains in central Wyoming. Short on food and other supplies, members of the company experienced exposure to cold, hunger, and exhaustion, and some began to die. They would suffer more losses than any…
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Martin Handcart Company – Bitter Creek, Wyoming, 1856 by Clark Kelley Price

The Martin Handcart Company was the fifth handcart company to travel west to the Salt Lake Valley. This company of English emigrants left Iowa City, Iowa, on 28 July 1856. There were “576 [people], with 146 carts, 7 wagons, 30 oxen, and 50 cows and beef cattle” (LeRoy R. Hafen and Ann W. Hafen, Handcarts to Zion [1960], 93). At Florence, Nebraska, they stopped for handcart repairs. It was late…
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Pioneers Arrive by Ship in San Francisco Bay by Arnold Friberg

At the same time that the pioneers began leaving Nauvoo, 238 members of the Church who lived in New England embarked on a long sea voyage to reach the gathering place of the Saints in the West. They chartered the ship Brooklyn and sailed from New York on 4 February 1846. They landed at San Francisco, California, which was then called Yerba Buena, on 29 July 1846. They had made…
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