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Group wall post by Emma Pearson

By Emma Pearson Emma Pearson: #DandC23 We talked about how 5 men were given direct instructions from the Lord. How can we receive direct instructions: a patriatchal blessing. I typed up 6 questions about patriachal blessings and gave to each student that they had to answer and share with the class. To help I had a bunch of quotes to help them they had to find the quote that would…
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Come Follow Me Reading Assignment Sheet – Young Women – Prophets and Revelation – May

Here are some Come Follow Me Weekly Reading Assignment cards for the Young Women.  These are for May CFM lessons on Prophets and Revelation.  There is a page of cards for each of the weekly lesson topics.  Print enough copies of the page so that each member of your class can have a card to take home. What you’ll find on each card: color thumbnail image that corresponds with the ones…
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Abrahamic Covenant

Object Lesson

I’m teaching lesson 5 for the Family History class. I’m using a handout already on your website for the portion on WHO Abraham is (Title: Abraham Isaac Jesus – Valiant Handout). Then I used that format to make the 2nd page/flip side to show the covenant with Abraham. Column 1 says, “Abraham’s posterity may always have: the blessings of the gospel (temple photo), the blessings of the priesthood (Pres. Hinckley…
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