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Pre-Pear to be an Eternal Companion

This cute handout was made by another Young Women’s leader. It has a quote from Spencer W Kimball, a clipart image of a lamp, and a small bag of pear-flavored jelly beans. This handout was created to coordinate with YW Manual 3, Lesson 4. The quote reads: “In our lives the oil of preparedness is accumulated drop by drop in righteous living. Attendance at sacrament meetings adds oil to our…
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Matthew 25 Questions

Here are the questions I used during class for our discussion of Matthew 25. I taped a set of questions on each seat in the class. I didn’t want the same students or groups of students sharing their thoughts, so I created several different sets of questions. Here are the original 9 questions I used: What do you think kept the 10 foolish virgins from being ready when the bridegroom…
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Second Coming and Preparedness Activities

1. Take a piece of string or yarn long enough to make a large circle, thread it through two empty spools, and tie the ends together. Have the children stand in a circle and hold on to the yarn. As the music is played, the children move the spools along the yarn. When the music stops, the two children who are holding the spools tell one way they can prepare…
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